Our Process

Each country is selected for the highest quality possible from around the globe. Many of our lamb items come from Australia and Turkey, where lamb is very common. We have an extensive variety of unique proteins, such as crocodile and kangaroo, coming from Australia. The Himalayan mountains have an abundance of yak and we source yak cheese from Nepal. Germany offers some of the highest technology in the world, where we utilize fully-automated equipment to make our jerkies, such as chicken and duck. A large amount of pigs are raised in Europe and we utilize a plant in Romania for all natural pig ears. Much of the highest quality beef in the world comes from Brazil and Argentina, where we support much of our free-range and grass fed bully sticks, cow ears and beef bones. Paraguay has a large amount of beef tripe production, where our tripe twist is produced. Colombia and Mexico have a large amount of cattle production, where many of our bully sticks come from. Our extensive supply chain directly support hundreds of workers from around the globe and many of our plants are audited for worker welfare to ensure our workers are fully supported in safe working environments.

Our suppliers are audited several times per year by 3rd party certifiers and our own Food Safety & Supply Chain Team. This audit process ensures food safety risks are properly managed in the supply chain to ensure the treats we provide are absolutely safe!

Our products are thoroughly washed and prepped to ensure only the best ingredients are cooked for your pet. Through washing process is used to remove hair and keep the ingredients as clean and fresh as possible before baking in large ovens. The baking process helps ensure the treats are free from microorganisms that can make your pet sick.

Our products are often shipped from suppliers by ocean vessel or through truck delivery if shipped from within the USA. The shipping containers are carefully inspected to ensure they can protect the product from the environment and pests. And once they are loaded they are locked & secured to further ensure safety. When the shipping containers arrive at our facility in Richmond, our team carefully inspects the container and all product as we unload it to ensure quality and safety.

Product quality and safety are our #1 priorities, so our suppliers and QA team are constantly sampling and testing product. We check product at the beginning, middle and end of the production process.

Our product is hand-packed to order and that means we see every treat before it leaves our facility!

Because quality & food safety is our #1 priority, we go the extra step and irradiate our treats. Irradiation improves the safety and extends the shelf life of foods by reducing or eliminating microorganisms. FDA approves the irradiation process and recognizes it as safe for humans and pets The irradiation process does not make food radioactive, compromise nutritional quality or noticeably change the taste, texture or appearance, but it does make the food SAFE.

Our products are often shipped from suppliers by ocean vessel or through truck delivery if shipped from within the USA. We do receive some truck shipments from Mexico.

Our products are simple. No fillers. No fluff. And that’s our approach to the highlights of the product too! Honest, simple, transparent.

Our packaging is safe for foods and must meet FDA regulations. This is how we ensure there are no chemical residues or toxins transferred to the treats.

Products are shipped to us mainly via ocean freight. Each container is inspected by US Customs, FDA and USDA to ensure the highest quality prior to entry into the US.

Products are packed with the highest levels of food safety to ensure only the best items make it to the consumer.

Our Commitment


Since 2008 TDBBS has been proud to offer the widest selection of high-quality natural dog treats and chews available. Our top priorities are your dog’s health and safety; that’s why our products undergo rigorous laboratory testing before reaching our USDA-approved facility. Not sure what product is right for your dog? Our knowledgeable Customer Service is happy to help you choose the best treats for your dog’s age, size, and diet. We believe pets are family, and they deserve quality ingredients just like us.


With strong roots in Richmond, VA, TDBBS values/loves giving back to our local and national community. Every year we donate thousands of dollars to animal rescue shelters across the country. Our love for animal rescue is so strong, we feature happily adopted rescue dogs on select product packaging. Throughout the year we attend regional events and enjoy connecting with our customers on a more personal level.


We love to be social with our fans. Seeing your dog enjoy our delicious products makes our day so much sweeter. We keep dog parents in the know, from our informative blog to fun contests with generous prizes. Don’t forget to tag our brands in your furry friend’s posts and let us know which treats get 4 paws up.

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